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Ying Yu's Jewelry Box - "Guan Yin" Small Elegant Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet 52mm (BB2876)

Ying Yu's Jewelry Box - "Guan Yin" Small Elegant Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet 52mm (BB2876)

$ 388.00

Small and elegant Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet, 52mm inside diameter, 10.8mm wide and 4.2mm inside to outside.This is one of those jade bangle bracelets that the photo doesn't do justice to it.  The more I've been handling it to get it listed, the more pretty and "glow" it gets.  The color is soft white with hues of pale green and a breath of honey veins mixed in.  A very spiritual and feminine jade bangle.

So why "Guan Yin"?  When I first started going to China in 1999, I was with tour groups.  At that time, you were required to stay with your tour group, and visitors were monitored so they wouldn't "stray" from the group.  We went to learn Chinese medicine, and went to a Buddhist temple in Beijing, and my heart filled with compassion when I saw the Guan Yin (Kwan Yin) statues.  And then I saw a Guan Yin statue with a tiny slender jade bangle on her wrist.  I think that's when I totally fell in love with jade bangles.  Of course the tour group was taken to government approved (expensive) shops for souvenirs, .and of course some were jade shops.  I have a small 52-53mm wrist, and all of the jade bangles seemed so big on me.  I wanted one like Guan Yin's.  The jade sellers told me their jades were made for us "foreigners".  I later learned by noticing that Chinese tour groups went to different stores. And being the wanderer that I am, on my second trip to China a few months later, I sneaked into the crowd of Chinese tourists and away from my tour group.  I had brought a photo of the Guan Yin statue with the jade bangle, and I was able to buy this jadeite bangle.  (And yes, I was slightly reprimanded by the tour guide because she didn't make the commission on what I spent.)

Now it's 17 years later and my hands are slightly more arthritic.  I can barely get this jade bangle on.  It has too much "spirit" to sit in a drawer, so offering it for sale to a jade lover who is also looking for a slender, small jadeite bangle bracelet.  If you are sensitive to energy, you will love the feel, and both you and the jade bangle will "glow",