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Wholesale Chinese Jade Roller - Small Size

Wholesale Chinese Jade Roller - Small Size

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Small roller is approx. 3 " long and the roller is 1". This is good to use in small areas, around the face and ears, for children and for your pets around their heads. Handle is also jade. Each slightly different

These are made in Ying Yu Jade carving shop in China and made for personal and professional use. These are better quality than most jade rollers because we sell them world wide to spas and professional healers. Our jade carvers have 15 years experience make jade rollers to the quality people expect to receive.

Genuine and natural Chinese jade, the color may be slightly different.

Price for 50 pieces $145 USD.  Prices for Chinese jade changes often.  Price will decrease if you order more, slightly higher if you order fewer.  Minimum purchase is 25. You cannot order by adding to shopping cart. Contact Ma Xingshu at  maxingshu@hotmail.com  

If you would like to purchase a sample at our regular price so you can see the quality of the jade and workmanship, go to Ying Yu Jade main jade roller collection.

If you add to your Cart, we will contact you about a wholesale purchase.