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"Peppery" Classic Round Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 57mm (NJ2572)

"Peppery" Classic Round Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 57mm (NJ2572)

$ 165.00

"Peppery" charcoal tiny veins throughout this soft green classic round Chinese bangle bracelet.  Size is 57 mm inside diameter, 8.8 mm thick, a slender and comfortable jade bangle bracelet to wear.  Photos can't capture the "glow" and translucence that make it look so lovely.  Green jade has qi energy related to the liver, health and healing of body, mind and spirit.  The more "yang" deeper color "pepper" give an extra boost of energy, qi energy for assertiveness, protection. Very well polished all around, silky smooth to the touch.

These classic round Chinese jade bangle bracelets are carved by YYJ jade carver, who buys the jade directly from the jade mine and makes them exclusively for YYJ.  Genuine and natural, known as "China's National Jade".   One only