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"Happy" Chinese Jade Bead Bracelet (Beads-Happy)

"Happy" Chinese Jade Bead Bracelet (Beads-Happy)

$ 32.00

Chinese jade beads etched with "happy" symbols.  Beads size is 9mm.  They are strung with high quality elastic and size will fit most wrists. Green jade has qi energy for wellness and health, and the symbols add happiness to this good energy bracelet. Buy two and keep one for yourself, share the other with a sister or best friend.  This bead bracelet also makes a good "spacer" to wear if you wear two Chinese jade bangle bracelets on the same wrist. Or just enjoy wearing it by itself.   

The jade is genuine and natural Chinese jade, the kind of jade Chinese people have used for centuries.  Hand carved, each bead is slightly different. 

Be happy!