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"Overcoming Adveristy" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 64mm (NJ2532)

"Overcoming Adveristy" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 64mm (NJ2532)

$ 265.00

Deep "yang" green Chinese river jade bangle bracelet with deep honey green veins, size is 64mm inside diameter, 17mm wide.  The size and color of this jade bangle bracelet indicates it was carved for a Chinese or Asian man.  The yang color has good energy for overcoming adversity, dealing with problems in life.  There are soft areas of white that add some "yin", compassion and thoughtfulness added to struggles in life.  This color pattern is symbolic of the earth at sunset, a day is done and there is tomorrow to look forward to.   Well polished, this is one of YYJ best Chinese River Jade bangle bracelets.

Chinese river jade is natural color. The color comes from minerals in the river where the jade is mined. It is called "China's National Jade" and used exclusively by Chinese people until jadeite was introduced in the 19th century. It is used in Chinese medicine for health, and often worn by Chinese people as "medicine" for the healing qi energy. The jade is purchased by YYJ jade carver in China and made exclusively for YYJ