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"Glowing" Precious Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle 57.5mm (BB2703)

"Glowing" Precious Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle 57.5mm (BB2703)

$ 1,888.00

Precious old mine lao pit jadeite bangle that glows from the fabulous jade stone quality 57.5mm inside diameter, 13mm thick.  This is vintage older jadeite mined prior to the year 2000.  Purchased during a YYJ China jade buying trip directly from the jade carver in southern China near the Burma border.  The color is soft creamy white with apple green veins.  It is more translucent than the photo shows, and you can see the pattern of the stone and the veins throughout.  Very rare to find this quality older jade which is difficult to find these days.  Qi energy for balancing lung merdian (white) and liver merdian (green).  It will look more pretty and glow as you wear it.

Part of the "sisters" ring of jade bangle bracelets all carved from the same rough jadeite, shown in photo.

Layaway available, contact yingyujade @ yingyujade.com