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"Monkey Hugs Peach" Burmese Jadeite Pendant (BJP903)

"Monkey Hugs Peach" Burmese Jadeite Pendant (BJP903)

$ 30.00

"Monkey Hugs Peach" is a traditional Chinese symbol.  This Burmese jadeite pendant is carved with Monkey, Peach and decoration around the top.  The reverse side is smooth and polished.  Size is 35 mm high, 23 mm wide and 4.3 mm thick.  It comes with a "Dragon Whiskers" adjustable silk cord, red with green and green jade accent bead.  Monkey is symbol of "cleverness", peach is symbol of immortality, long and happy life. Peach is symbol of yin and woman, and longevity.

Photo taken in natural outdoor light so you can see how it looks in natural setting.

Tested by refraction, genuine Burmese jadeite.