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Sale-Jade Eggs for Easter!

Sale-Jade Eggs for Easter!

$ 19.00 

Jade eggs for Easter! Classic "yin" light green jade eggs one each size 24mm, 30mm and 40mm. These are "whole" jade eggs, NOT drilled with holes. Jade color varies, these are light green, and may be different from shown. Set of three. Natural jade (nephrite), each is slightly different. Natural jade is natural "stone" and you will see variations in the jade stone that formed during the development of the jade stone. That's what makes it "real jade"!

These are the best quality, genuine and natural jade eggs you can purchase. Please Note: Ying Yu Jade eggs are made by our jade carver in China who buys the jade stone directly from the jade mine and carves them to our high standards.

Sale is for jade eggs only. Bunny, basket, and other decorations not included. They are shown in photo to give you suggestions for using jade eggs for Easter.

Limited time for Easter season.