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Last One! Jade Comb for Scalp Stimulation

Last One! Jade Comb for Scalp Stimulation

$ 42.00

Jade combs have been used in China for centuries, and there are even jade combs on display in the Forbidden City compound in Beijing.  Although they are not designed specifically for combing hair,  they can be used on short hair.  They were used primarily as a Chinese medicine jade health tool for scalp stimulation. 

To use jade comb, start at the top of your head and place the "teeth" of the jade comb on your scalp. Move the teeth on the scalp.  You can move it one direction, or back and forth, whatever feels "good" to you.  If it feels good, you can know that it's healthy for you.  Keep move the comb through your head, stimulating the scalp.  Regular use stimulates the qi energy on the scalp to improve scalp health.  The stimulation also can improve your hair quality with regular use. 

Some people who get headaches find that using the jade comb to stimulate the scalp is helpful.  And in China, people use these jade combs as they age, to improve brain function.

You can also use the smooth sides of the comb as a gua sha tool for your face and neck, to gently scrape. Be careful and very gentle if you use for scraping on your face, because gua sha treatment can break blood vessels and cause permanent  damage. 

The jade combs were made exclusively for Ying Yu Jade, carved by hand, and each is slightly different. Average size is 4 1/2 - 5 inches length and 1 1/2 inch wide. 

Very limited quantity available.  Sale is final on jade combs because they are personal items.