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"Ice on Earth" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 60mm (NJ2253)

"Ice on Earth" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 60mm (NJ2253)

$ 150.00

Fabulous natural color Chinese jade bangle bracelet 60mm inside diameter, 16.5mm wide.  Beautiful translucence, you can see all the stone, veins and color pattern throughout the jade bangle.  The basic color is green with darker green veins, and "hong" red veins for even more beauty.  Tiny white "ice" veins throughout.  Green jade related to the liver meridian, earth element with qi energy for health and healing.  Hong red jade related to the heart meridian, fire element for love, passion, desire for life.  White jade related to lung meridian, metal element, for healing grief, spirituality, calm and contentment in life. 

Chinese river jade is natural color from the minerals in the river where the jade is mined.  Our jade carver purchases the jade stone and makes the jade bangles for YYJ.  "China's National Jade"