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"Hidden Secret" Burmese Jadeite "Old Mine" Bangle Bracelet 53mm (BB-2929)

"Hidden Secret" Burmese Jadeite "Old Mine" Bangle Bracelet 53mm (BB-2929)

$ 650.00

Look inside this "white" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet and what do you see?  A "secret"  apple green vein!  Size of this jade bangle is 53mm inside diameter, 17mm wide.  **Please note: this jade bangle may fit like 1-2mm smaller than 53mm due to the width**  The photos were taken in natural daylight so you can see the variation of the color throughout.  White jade is symbolic of purity, compassion, dealing with loss and grief, and spirituality.  This jade bangle is well polished all around.  It has a very high "chime" indicating the fine quality of the jadeite stone.

Genuine Burmese jadeite, tested by refraction.  Purchased in 2003 during YYJ shopping trip in China near the Burma border so we can view the quality of the jade that the carver works with.