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"Healthy Happy Life" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 60 mm (NJ2595)

"Healthy Happy Life" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 60 mm (NJ2595)

$ 235.00

Gorgeous deep natural color Chinese "River Jade" bangle bracelet.  Size is 60 mm inside diameter, 17 mm wide.   You can see the translucence of the deep green in the first photo when there is light behind it, and on your wrist it will look solid like in the other two photos.  The "red" is Chinese "hong" color.  Good qi energy for health (green) and happiness (hong).  There is a small clarification line in the light color in the center of the hong color, not damage, just part of the jade forming.  With no light behind it can barely be seen.

Photos taken in natural outdoor light at different angles so you can see how it looks all around in daylight.  Indoors and on your wrist without light to display the translucence, it will appear darker, like the second photo.

Genuine and natural Chinese jade, the color forms as the jade is formed in rivers in north east China.  Made by YYJ jade carver for YYJ.