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Dynasty - "Happiness and Long Life" Carved Jade Bangle 61mm (DC115)

Dynasty - "Happiness and Long Life" Carved Jade Bangle 61mm (DC115)

$ 388.00 

"Happiness and long life" carved crane (longevity) bat (symbol of happiness) flowers and more. 61mm flat inside, rare larger size, 16mm wide, 12mm inside to outside so carving stands out but is not bulky, smooth and durable.. A piece of art you can wear. Deep deep green natural color. Exquisite, one of a kind, and sale is final for this unique jade bangle.

The carved jade bangle bracelets on this page are replicas of ancient Chinese Dynasty styles. I researched the style and pattern of ancient dynasties, and contracted a jade carver to make them in the same style from the same variety of indigenous Chinese jade that was used to make them hundreds of years ago.
These are very unique, and carved for Ying Yu Jade exclusively