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"Dragon Claws" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet 62.5 mm (BB2933)

"Dragon Claws" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet 62.5 mm (BB2933)

$ 1,888.00

Good green veins like "dragon claws" surround this genuine natural Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  Size is 62.5 mm inside diameter,  13.5 mm wide.  Excellent jadeite quality, a high "chime" indicating the fine grade of the jadeite stone.  Pale "yin" green all around for calming, soothing, and the "dragon claws" add "yang" powerful, assertive balance for that traditional "yin yang" that is traditional in China for centuries.  Well polished all around, silky smooth and icy cold to the touch. Due to the quality and size, this kind of jadeite bangle would sell for at least $5000 for tourists in China.  It's so beautiful and good quality, priced lower so it can be on a wrist, not in a storage box.

Photos taken in natural outdoor light so you can see how it looks in different lighting and the natural-ness.

Tested by refraction, genuine Burmese jadeite.  Purchased during YYJ shopping trip to China, near the Burma border directly from the jade carver so we can view the quality of the jade he provides.