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Discovering Chi: Energy Exercises for the Beginner VHS Format

Discovering Chi: Energy Exercises for the Beginner VHS Format

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More than 20 years ago I was working full time, living in a rural area of Ohio, and trying to learn yoga on my own.  I was purchasing videos to learn, but hadn't found "just the right one".  One day I ordered a video on line, but what I received was the Discovering Chi video.  I had heard about tai chi, but not about qigong.  Ordering online and shipping was a big hassle back then, so I kept it.  And I loved it.  I fell into the practice so naturally.  I had never experienced the kind of bliss you get from doing qi (chi) energy exercise. 

Then came my China experience, and I learned qi healing, qigong and tai chi, and discovered jade and its qi energy.  But my basic routine continued to be, and still is, this form. This is a form you can learn, and continue to do without getting formal training.

Each episode of Discovering Chi introduces viewers to a facet of the ancient Chinese art of chi-gong, a form of exercise designed to regulate and focus the flow of chi energy through their bodies. In this particular episode, viewers discover how chi concepts can help the very old and very young, and learn the basic exercises of the discipline. Instructor Linda Modaro leads viewers