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Pre-Owned Estate Burmese Jadeite "Spiritual" Bangle Bracelet 58.5mm (BB2919)

Pre-Owned Estate Burmese Jadeite "Spiritual" Bangle Bracelet 58.5mm (BB2919)

$ 3,888.00

Lovely lavender hues with white Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  Size is 58.5mm inside diameter, 15mm wide.  The colors ripple through the entire jade bangle bracelet.  Lavender is a "spiritual" jade color.  Like lavender flower, lavender jade has healing qi energy for body, mind and spirit.  It is related to the inner meridian, very private and special.  I like this lavender color because it is so natural, more blue hues than red hues, so it looks slightly different in different lighting.  These photos were taken in natural daylight. 

The previous owner claims it has not been worn.  It is in good condition. There is a lot of jade in this bangle, and the coolness of the jade lingers.   The carving is not silky smooth and polish is moderate, but there is no damage, just the way it was made.  It appears to be older jadeite mined and carved last century because it is very similar in color and quality to my personal Qing Dynasty era carved jadeite bangle bracelet.   Genuine Burmese jadeite tested by refraction and natural color.