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"Don't Worry Be Happy" Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 70mm (NJ2585)

"Don't Worry Be Happy" Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 70mm (NJ2585)

$ 188.00

Don't worry-be happy!  "Healing" good green Chinese jade bangle bracelet.  Size is 70mm inside diameter, 14mm wide.  Green jade is related to the liver meridian, the "root" of health in the body.  This green has hues toward yellow, and yellow is related to the spleen meridian, happiness and positive emotions. 

Photos taken in outdoor natural light to show off the translucence and natural color.  Very well polished.  Lots of jade in it for durability, but not to make it heavy and uncomfortable.  This is the kind of jade cherished by Chinese people, and often used by men as an engagement gift to their bride-to-be.

Made by our jade carver in China.  He purchases the jade directly from the jade mine and carves to our high standards.  Chinese jade is the classic jade Chinese people have worn for centuries.  Genuine and natural.