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White Chinese Jade Vase

White Chinese Jade Vase

$ 49.00

Elegant simple white Chinese jade vase.  Size is 4" high.  Opening is 1 3/4" across and the base of the vase is 1 1/2" across.  There is substantial jade so it is not fragile.  It fits in a hand very well. 

Very rare to find this quality of white jade bowls today.  They were purchased during one of our shopping trips in China prior to 2008.

The jade is genuine and natural white color.  They are not thin and fragile, they are the kind of jade bowls Chinese people use.  The price has additional cost to cover the price of shipping because of the weight and the packing that is needed to keep them safe as they are being shipped to you.

These are personal jade products and the sale is final. 

Ships to USA addresses only.