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"Confucius Says" Ethical Chinese Rosewood Pendant (P-635)

"Confucius Says" Ethical Chinese Rosewood Pendant (P-635)

$ 38.00

Confucius was a philosopher whose pithy epigrams became China's handbook on government and its code of personal morality.  These are genuine natural rosewood, with Confucius carved on the front and His symbols carved on the reverse side.  Size is 63 mm long, 47 mm widest area, and 9.5 mm thick. 

These pendants were purchased in China during our annual jade shopping trips.  Too beautiful and well carved and made to not buy and sell!

There is a hole at the top that to attach a a bale and add at chain, or attach a "Dragon Whiskers" silk cord.   Options here

Price is for one (1) pendant.