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Jade for Spring

 Spring is usually a mixture of cold winter weather with the promise of warming for spring. You enjoy the few warmer days, then it's back to ice, snow and cold. You wish to see blossoming of plants and trees, but you know it might freeze and kill them, so you also hope the trees and plants wait a few more weeks to start showing their green.

Then you see "moss in snow". Moss can survive the cold weather, and sometimes you see the green peeking through the snow. And that pattern is a classic jade pattern, too. The white jade has qi energy for lungs, keep your lung qi strong to prevent colds when you have days of icy cold and spring warmth. Lung qi also helps deal with grief, perhaps you had loss or even death of loved ones during the cold winter. The green veins in the "snow" white jade has qi energy related to the liver, for strength, regrowth and moving on with life.

Women who like to wear two jade bangles, a white one and a green one, will also benefit from the qi energy that is so balancing this time of year, and enjoy the "clink" of the two jade bangles on their wrists.

When you are looking at jade pieces, and there's one or two you keep coming back to, that means it's the right kind of jade for you. Trust your body telling you it knows what it needs