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Rose Quartz Egg - Love, Gratitude, Emotional Healing, Spirituality

Rose Quartz Egg - Love, Gratitude, Emotional Healing, Spirituality

$ 38.00

Rose quartz egg, size is 45mm long, 30 mm around widest end. Rose quartz eggs are often used for meditation, health and healing, and "yoni" kegel exercise for women. Please note that due to the size, this egg should NOT be used in the vagina because it may cause stretching and loss of sensitivity.  "Yoni" eggs are traditionally made smaller for health reasons.

The photo with the "hand" shows how the size relates to an average hand.

The rose quartz stones are very highly polished so it is not only beautiful, but easy to clean (alcohol wipe suggested).
The actual item is more pretty than the photo shows because photos can't capture the "glow" of the gorgeous quartz.

Rose quartz is related to the Water element, and the Heart Chakra. The energy is related to Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing, Stress and Spirituality, Unity with the Divine, according to culture and alternative health (reference "Book of Stones".

The quartz is genuine and natural. The quartz is stored in a cool space, avoiding too much heat, cold, and light shining on it. When you order, we finish putting the details together for you.

This is a very personal product since it is used on your face and skin, so sale is final. You would not want to purchase an item that you thought might be a "return" and not clean, so we are required by law to have the policy.

Limited quantity.