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Chinese Jade Pillow Cover - Round Beads

Chinese Jade Pillow Cover - Round Beads

$ 188.00

Round jade bead style pillow, this on a green wool background. Back is plain flannel. Beads very evenly spaced for comfort, lots of them, very fine workmanship makes comfort for you. Genuine, natural jade. Rare to find this older style.

I personally love my jade pillow cover.  I removed it from the fabric, and put it over my pillow.  I lay my head on it for yoga, naps, listening to sleep music, and often when I just take a break and lay down.  For me, the fabric backing was too rigid, and I liked the direct contact with the jade, and with no backing it conforms more to the head.

Jade pillow covers are heavy and price reflects additional charge for shipping to USA addresses. No shipping outside of USA.