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"Spiritual Bliss" Translucent White Soft Green Hues Jadeite Bangle 57mm (BB2726)

"Spiritual Bliss" Translucent White Soft Green Hues Jadeite Bangle 57mm (BB2726)

$ 1,200.00

Glowing translucent white jadeite bangle bracelet with soft hues of green 57mm inside diameter, 11mm wide.  Fine grain old mine lao pit jadeite with the qi gemology that Chinese women cherish.  White jade related to the lung meridian for balancing emotions and calm, peaceful spiritual bliss.  Soft hues of green related to liver meridian to add a little yang to the white yin and balance the body qi.  This is a beautiful high quality grade A jadeite bangle bracelet and you can see the precious stone quality through the translucence.

This is one of our favorite jade bangle bracelets and we fondly remember purchasing this and some of the other white translucent jade bangles from the same jade carver in southern China that the "sisters" set of jade bangles were purchased from.  This jade carver had the best quality of jadeite bangle bracelets that we found while jade shopping in China.  Priced below actual value so this can be on your wrist, not in a storage box. 

Photo of the "sisters" purchased from our favorite jade carver.