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Frown Ease Jade Roller Wrinke Relaxer Kits

While learning about Chinese medicine in Beijing, I met a Chinese doctor who was an expert on facial beauty and one of his specialties was acupuncture on the face to improve appearance.  He also used the jade roller and gave each patient a jade roller to take with them to use on their face every day. 

Dr Li helped me develop the Ying Yu Jade FrownEase wrinkle reducer kit.  It includes a jade roller, either small or double ended, and a special mixture of Chinese herbs and powdered jade to include in a moist heat pack. He also agreed with the inclusion of the Frownies patches to use at night to re-train the muscles that cause wrinkles to flatten out.  We traveled to the Xiuyan where the Chinese jade for jade rollers and health tools is mined and found a jade carver to make pure, natural and well made jade rollers.  The small and medium jade rollers also include a pointed end to use for acupressure. 

Jade rollers have been used in China for centuries, and there are jade rollers displayed in the Forbidden City.  Men and women use these. The FrownEase Jade Roller Wrinkle Reducers are a Ying Yu Jade exclusive natural beauty treatment.