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05 Nov '19

Ying Yu Jade Rollers Wholesale

Posted by Kathleen Knoderer

Ying Yu Jade introduced jade rollers to USA in the 1990's.  We went to China to learn Chinese medicine, and discovered how popular jade rollers are.  Not only used by Chinese medicine doctors, but every household in China had jade rollers to help with smoothing the body's qi flow for health and wellness.  Not they are popular in the rest of the world not only for health and wellness, but also for beauty, relaxation and massage.

Ying Yu Jade wants to offer jade rollers for wholesale at the lowest price.  If we sell the jade rollers wholesale on the web site, the costs include shipping charges from China to Florida, USA, and then shipping charges to the person or company that buys them.  

We now have a way to save you money on wholesale jade rollers order.

We made a web site that includes photos, prices and our associate in China contact information.  The prices are updated as the cost of jade and workmanship sometimes varies so we keep you up to date.  The prices are based on quantity.  You can then contact our associate in China to place your order.

If you want a sample of the jade rollers, you can order them from the Ying Yu Jade web site, Jade Rollers for Health and Beauty.

Our jade carver in China buys the jade from the jade mine, then carves and makes the jade rollers to high standards.  He ships as quickly as possible, and knows the least expensive way to ship internationally so you can get your jade rollers order as soon as possible.

Visit JadeRollersWholesale web site for more information.

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