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Wearing More Than one Jade Bangle at a Time, Together

I am often asked if it's alright to wear more than one jade bangle at a time on the same wrist. The answer is "yes", but you must be careful that you don't allow them to clunk together too much. Asian women often wear more than one jade bangle at a time, and highly cherish a "jade sister set", which is a smooth jade bangle and a carved jade bangle that are similar in size and appearance. Ying Yu Jade sells a limited number of these jade sister sets. It is often more safe to wear you jade bangles on your non-dominant wrist, because you tend to move it less and therefore it is more protected than your dominant wrist.

It is also traditional for Asian women to wear a slender high-karat gold bangle between their jade bangles, usually 18k or 22k, soft and very yellow gold. This adds some cushion between the jade, but still lets you hear the "clinking" of jade together.

This gold bangle is my personal bangle. It's 22k, 12 grams weight, India style. It's 3mm wide, and 58mm in diameter. My usual jade bangle size is 53-54mm, but a gold bangle should be somewhat larger so it looks right together.
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I'm wearing it with a 53.5mm jadeite bangle that's flat inside, and it looks and feels very good together. The rich 22k gold really complements the "hong" color of my bangle, and people notice it, and want to know how they can get "that look".

There are gold plate bangles you can purchase very inexpensively, but I personally love the feel of real gold. The plate doesn't have a satisfying feeling between the jade.

Here's another photo of the gold bangle with my 18k gold hinged jadeite bangle.

You can see how spectacular it makes the hinged bangle, especially since it has a little gold "hong" color in the jadeite. Below is a phots of one of the sister sets with the gold bangle.

Gold and jade look and feel very good together. It gives you a very "rich" sensation. They both have value, and are good investments.

However, don't feel that you MUST wear a gold bangle or something between your two or more jade bangles. Jade is strong, and if you are careful you can wear them together, get a lot of compliments, and enjoy your jade more.

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