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These jade bangle bracelets are also some of my favorites. I rarely wear them because they are rare and expensive. But jade doesn't like to set in a drawer in the dark, so I take them out to wear occasionally. That's the problem with "the perfect jade bangle", the expense makes me feel uncomfortable wearing it. It's never the cracked bangles that break or get damaged, it's always the best ones. There's a Chinese saying that jade protects the person who wears it, and a crack or break shows a time the person was protected by the jade. But, that's small consolation when you break a favorite and expensive jade bangle.




This is a classic "water jade" bangle bracelet, like Ming's water jade. This one is 100+ years old, tiny 53mm, but with enough jade in it to keep it strong. I took the photo on a black background so you can see through it. It takes a long time to take an accurate photo on a dark background, because black makes jade look better than it actually is.But it shows the stone quality, called "flowering" which I want to show here. This is my second favorite bangle, but valued at more than $10,000, it's worn rarely. I acquired it in China from a Chinese woman who had it in her family for years. I don't know why Chinese women are so willing to sell their jade bangles, but when they hear I am buying vintage jade, I get many at quite low prices. It's the younger women who are willing to sell them, as jade is perhaps not "modern" enough for them, and they want to money to buy something more fashionable.
During my 2006 buying trip in China, I found "the perfect jade bangle" that was new, and similar to the one above, but more the "glass" quality which is extremely rare. It was in the wholesale market but in the retail section and the price was $6000, and my husband was with me and making choking noises, so I didn't buy it. I didn't have enough cash with me at the time, as the rate of exchange is about 7 yuan Chinese money to 1 USD, and that's a lot of cash to carry around. And the jade market is cash only, no credit cards. So I bought this carved jade bangle as a consolation. It's an oval, natural color, with a honey hong red phoenix carved. It's really prettier than the photos shows but I wanted to show the detail of the carving and this is how the photo turned out. Often carved bangles start as "regular" jade bangles with a crack or a flaw and the carving disguises it. But this one looked perfect. I try to buy good quality carved jade bangles to sell to my customers and most are gem quality. The carving is low and substantial, and I can wear this as an every day jade bangle. This is my fifth favorite jade bangle. Value: $750+
I traded this Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet with a Vietnamese woman. It was a gift from a man she didn't want to remember, and she wanted a Ying Yu Jade bangle. She said it cost almost $10,000 in Vietnam, and that the person who gave it to her would be really mad if she got rid of it, especially for the relatively low price. Hahahaha-I think she accomplished that! It tested as genuine jadeite and natural color, so it probably is a very high quality imperial green. I am always suspicious of jade from Vietnam because Vietnamese people often like rich colors, so most of the jade from Vietnam is color enhanced. If you get your nails done at a Vietnamese nail salon, they manicurists almost always criticize and claim your jade bangle is fake or colored, but if you buy yours from Ying Yu Jade, you know that yours is natural and genuine. Theirs is probably fake and/or color enhanced. So don't take them up on their offers of having their relative in Vietnam give you a good deal. This jadeite bangle is 52mm and slender 7 mm.

I am known to not care much for lavender jade, so this jade bangle may come as a surprise to my readers with whom I've discussed this. However, in January 2007 when I was going through a difficult time in life, I felt compelled to wear this one day and immediately my life started becoming more balanced and peaceful. This is the third jade bangle I purchased. It is natural color apple green and lavender Burmese jadeite. I bought it while I was staying in Guilin with my qigong tour group in 1999. This bangle was priced originally at $16,000 USD, and it was in the jade shop in the hotel where our group was staying. I had already learned about bargaining Chinese style, and decided I wanted it but not at that price. Every time I went through the lobby I bargained for it, and every time I went through the lobby, the same three sales ladies would come over to bargain with me some more. They showed me how to test by refraction, and how to use filters and certain lights to look for artificial colors, which this one didn't show any resins or artificially coloring. I also learned so much about the women who worked in the jade shop. They came from peasant backgrounds and were required to buy their smock for uniform which was a big expense for them. They sent most of what they earned to their families. They received little pay, but slept dormitory style in the hotel and got their meals as part of their payment. They were impressed I have a small "Chinese style" wrist, 51-53mm, and kept touching my clothes, and asked to look at what I had in my purse. (During my previous trip, I noticed that the contents of my purse were of great interest to Chinese women, so this time I filled up my purse with samples from the department stores cosmetic counters and gave them to women who craned their necks to look in my!) The evening before we left the hotel, with an audience of hotel personnel and other tourists, we finally agreed on a price. We were at then end of our tour, with only Shanghai to visit, and I gave the young women almost all my cosmetics and some of my clothing, which they were thrilled to receive. The next morning when our group got off the elevator, the sales women were all waiting, big smiles, wearing my clothes and make up. Our tour guide made the comment that they all look like Kathleen. (Not really, but it was sweet), This jade bangle has a lot of good memories, and it is certainly a favorite. Value:priceless.
(Please don't ask what I finally paid for it, as I won't tell.)

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