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Jade Bangle Bracelets-Burmese Jadeite

The Burmese Jade Bangle Bracelets on this page are high quality and natural color.
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Mossy green veins and hues of lavender jadeite bangle 59.5mm flat inside 12.5mm wide. Moderate translucence and small veins will look prettier as you wear it and jade and body qi blend. Energy for strength, dealing with difficulty, gaining wisdom and good luck
Item #BB2327 Price $3888 Order

"Ice and Snow" translucent white jadeite bangle 58.5mm flat inside 12.5mm wide. Icy cold and smooth polish, lots of flowery stone pattern variation, high chime fine grained best quality jadeite. White jade has pure energy of the
universe, for finding inner wisdom and
spirituality. Fabulous jade bangle bracelet
Item #BB2619 Price $2588 Order

Precious imperial green veins fabulous jadeite
bangle bracelet 56.5mm flat inside by 12.5mm
wide. Icy cold and silky smooth polish, high
chime indicates fine grain. This is the kind of
jade that looks prettier as you wear it. Yang
qi energy balanced by lighter yin green, a
perfect classic jade bangle bracelet
Item #BB2725 Price $5888 Order

Precious imbedded fei cui green veins old mine
"lao pit" jadeite bangle 58mm flat inside 14.5mm
wide. Lots of jade inside to outside make this a
substantial, heavy jade bangle. Very natural A
grade, you can see the "stone" just as it came
out of the jade man. Qi energy for Dao, yin and
yang balance of deeper green and light green/
white jadeite. Silky smooth high polish
Item #BB2596 Price $2500 Order

"Butterfly tracks' of deeper lavender on soft
lavender jadeite bangle 56mm flat inside,
16mm wide, cuff of jade for your wrist. Fine
grain jade stone, high chime, icy cold, with
qi energy for healing, spirituality, serenity
and compassion. Rare to find this natural
color and fabulous quality jadeite
Item #BB2719 Price $5888 Order

Glowing translucence shows off the lovely
jadeite stone soft green bangle 57.5mm flat inside 13.5mm wide. Icy high polish. Energy for calm spirit, satisfaction in life, happiness, luck
Item #BB2627 Price $1888 Order

24K gold lotus flower on soft icy green jadeite bangle bracelet 58mm flat inside 10.5mm wide. Gold is imbedded in the jadeite and pattern repeats on reverse side. Click here for photo
of gold accent on sides of jade bangle. Energy
for beauty, feminine "yin", happiness, luck and
satisfaction in life. One of a kind, and one only
Item #BB2222 Price $1500 Order

"Peaceful spirit" yin soft green jadeite bangle
57.5mm flat inside, 12mm wide. Icy cold,
silky smooth polish, nice translucence. This is
the kind of jade that looks more pretty as you
wear it. Qi energy for peace, spirituality, calm
and satisfaction in life. A low bargain price
so it can be on a wrist, not in storage box!
Regular retail price $888
Item #BB2768 Price $550 Order

Charcoal and lavender natural veins of color jadeite bangle 57mm flat inside 17mm wide
"cuff of jade" for your wrist. Fine grain lao pit,
high chime, high polish, and lots of jade makes very substantial. Energy for protection, clearing negativity, serenity and contentment in life. Fabulous jade bangle
Item #BB2632 Price $1888 Order

"Kiss of red" tiny red vein with pretty green
veins and soft lavender hues jadeite bangle
55.5mm flat inside 15mm wide. Lots of jade
inside to outside make this substantial for
every day wearing. Old mine "lao pit" jadeite
natural A grade. Qi energy for spiritual bliss
This kind of jade looks prettier as you wear it
Item #BB2762 Price $3888 Order

Translucent soft lavender and green natural
color jadeite bangle 57mm flat inside, 13mm
wide. Lots of jade inside-to-outside make this a sturdy jade bangle for everyday wearing. Silky smooth polish, high "chime". Qi energy for
serenity and compassion (lavender) and happiness, wellness and good luck (green).
This is the kind of jade that looks more pretty as
you wear it
Item #BB2739 Price $2500 Order

"Clouds on fei cui green" natural color jadeite bangle 56.6mm flat inside, 11mm wide. Pretty white veins mingle with green. High chime indicates fine grain "lao pit" old mine jadeite. Very rare to get this good green natural color. Energy for happiness, health and longevity, luck and love. One of the best.
Item #BB2572 Price $12,888
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