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Chinese Jade Prayer Bead Mala Bracelets
Jade Bead Bracelets

Translucent misty green natural jade 10 mm beads surround your wrist on these elastic bracelets, will fit 6.5-8" wrists. A red silk tassel offers contrast. Available with Kwan Yin and Buddha, or plain.
Jade balances and protects the body's "qi" (life force energy). Wear for healing self or others.
Each one is slightly different, color of jade may vary.
I am a qi healer and Reiki Master and will infuse your bracelet
with healing qi on request before mailing to you.

Kwan Yin Prayer Bead Jade Bracelet 12mm beads, each slightly different, color varies.
Fits most wrists
Item #KYPB Price $32 Order

Buddha Prayer Bead Jade Bracelet 12mm beads, each slightly different, color varies.
Fits most wrists.
Item #BPB Price $32 Order

Prayer Bead Mala Jade Bracelet 12mm beads each slightly different, color varies.
Fits most wrists.
Item #PB12 Price $32 Order

Smooth jade beads, plain as an alternative to a bangle bracelet. Bead color varies slightly. Fits
average size and expands with elastic
Item #PB-Plain-10 10mm beads $32 Order
How to use a jade prayer bead mala bracelet

8mm translucent natural green Chinese jade beads on elastic to fit small size wrist. Gold plated spacers add a little "bling". Looks great worn with jade bangle or plain jade bead bracelets Jade color varies, each slightly different
Item #PB-G Price 32 Order

Fun and exciting stretch bracelet, one big 20mm jade beads
and several smaller jade beads, two big crystal beads, puffy lattice heart, lots of silver beads and baubles, including a rose, key and other dangles. Each varies slightly due to natural materials.Much nicer "in person" than photo shows. Retails in stores for $50+
Item #Bracelet88 Price $38 Order

Marbled green big 13mm glowing jade beads stretch bracelet. Yin yang color pattern for "dao", balance body, mind and spirit.

Elastic, and fits most wrists
Natural jade, each slightly different
Price $35 Order

"Purity" white jade 12mm beads stretch bracelet all natural color. An alternative to a
solid jade bangle, or wear for health and fun. Energy for good health, happiness, luck and wisdom. Fits most wrists, each slightly
different. White jade is related to the lung meridian, and the heals the emotion of grief.
Natural jade,each slightly different
Item BBB-W Price $38 Order

Lovely lavender 12mm bead bracelet,
average size and fits most wrists. Lavender
jade has healing qi energy, and for wisdom, insight, and spiritual development.
Each slightly different
Item #BEADB-LAV Price $38 Order

Natural color Chinese "river jade" 16mm bead stretch bracelet. Coordinates with the bangle bracelets on this page, click here.
Big bold beautiful jade beads
Natural jade, each slightly different.
High quality elastic, fits most wrists

Item #BBB-RJ Price $38 Order

"Well being" natural yellow jade 10mm beads stretch bracelet. One size fits most. Rare to find natural yellow jade beads . .Yellow jade has qi energy emotional happiness, personal power, success in life. Related to spleen meridian. Alternative to a jade bangle bracelet,
very stunning Natural jade,
each slightly different
Item #BEADSB-Y Price $58 Order

"Power square" unique curved translucent green jade bead bracelet. Beads are 15mm wide and 6mm thick.Stretch bracelet fits most wrists.
Natural jade and each slightly different
Item #Beads-SQ Price $58 Order

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