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Ying Yu Jade sells high quality Chinese jade and
jadeite products at affordable prices for every budget.
Jadeite purchased prior to September 2008

Ying Yu Jade High quality Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite.
Ying Yu Jade is traditional style jade, always genuine, always natural.
Jade is purchased on shopping trips to China, and made in our own carving workshops.
Specializing in jade bangle bracelets, carved in the traditional style
Unique jade items, including jade health tools, jade tea pots, jade health products for women

jade bangle bracelet
Chinese Jade
Bangle Bracelets

jadeite jade bangle bracelet
Burmese Jadeite
Bangle Bracelets

carved jadeite jade bangle bracelet
Carved Genuine Jadeite Bangles
carved dynasty jade bangle bracelet
Chinese Ancient Dynasty Style
Jade Bangles

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jade gua sha
Gua Sha Tools
Jade Health Tools

pearl jewelry
Jade and Pearls

jade eggs ben wa kegel
Ben Wa Balls

Jade Eggs
jadeite jade pendants grade a
Genuine Jadeite
Pendants and

chinese jade pendant
Jade Pendants

ying yu jade rollers
Ying Yu jade Rollers

jade prayer bead mala bracelet
Jade Bead Braceletst
Prayer Bead Malas
jade pillow cover
Jade Pillow Covers
chinese crystal pendants
Chinese Crystal

jade teapot set
Jade Teapot Sets
jade three legged money toad
Jade Three Legged
Money Toads

chinese jade hollow carving spice incense
Chinese Jade
Hollow Carvings

Jade Carvings
Jade Carvings
frown ease wrinkle relaxer ying yu jade roller
Frown Ease
Wrinkle Relaxers

jade flower necklace bracelet
Jade Flower
Necklace, Bracelet

jade flute
Jade Flutes
estate vintage antique jade jadeite
Estate Vintage Jade
silk purse pouch
Silk Purse

jade youtube videos
Jade Videos
yingyujade facebook jade

jade pinterest

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jade earrings
Jade Jewelry
Earrings, Bracelets

jade hair stick
Jade Hair Sticks

Jade Bangle
Bracelet Stand